Advanced registration has begun for a free, 3 month course, entitled "Zen and the Art of Drawing". Brendan Davis will be teaching this course at Systemfehler sozio-kulturelle Projektfläche in Berlin, Friedrichshain. Interested parties should send a message via the contact page.

Brendan Davis was kindly invited as a guest artist to join a group of scientists touring the Stechlin LakeLab where they are researching the effects of climate change on aquatic organisms.

Brendan Davis solo exhibition On the Edge at G11 Galerie - Funkhaus Berlin

G11 Galerie - Funkhaus Berlin is proud to present the latest addition of Hidden Treasures; an ongoing series by the American multidisciplinary artist Brendan Davis. The series is comprised of in-situ installations that have been set in often overlooked places of special interest throughout the United States and Europe. Each installation comments upon the environmental boundaries that define human personal identity, free will and social structures.

Previous works include public sculptures that rethink the landscape by mirroring their environments and appear to become part of their surroundings. Reflective menhirs were installed in various locations including: on the shores of Lake Erie, outside of the Inland Seas Maritime Museum; deep within a reemerging forest at Bacon Woods Park; and within a 30 million year old river ravine at Mill Hollow Park.

In Davis' G11 Galerie debut, entitled On the Edge, the artist has transformed the gallery into an environment of total physical immersion. Sustainability, and ability to adapt to one's environment is currently at the forefront of a world that has long known an eco-crisis. Surrounding the viewer is the installation Pushing the Limit in which the artist has literally and conceptually shaped organic materials, such as living grass and black earth, into an environment of freestanding sculptural forms. Reaching from the floor to the ceiling is the massive painted sculpture composed entirely of black earth normally used for tending grave sites entitled From once we came so shall we return and mounted on the wall is the delicate living ecosystem On the Edge.

With these new additions to the Hidden Treasures Series Davis continues to explore the relationship between humans and their environmental boundaries that define the fundamental concepts of individualism, control, choice and freedom within modern society.

Featured works in the exhibition

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Brendan Davis' Hidden Treasures series featured in the exhibition CHANGES at the Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg.

Featured works in the exhibition

Brendan Davis is proud to announce the latest additions to his Hidden Treasures series, which consists of an interactive social networking experience where viewers are invited to participate in a GPS treasure hunt in order to search out environmental art pieces set in various hidden locations around the globe.

These four exciting new works are uniform, reflective sculptures that combine to address questions about the nature of identity formation and the individual's interdependence upon society. The works are minimalist compositions that appear to become part of their surrounding landscapes and simultaneously mirror their environments. As the viewer gets closer to the sculptures and walks amongst them, their own image is reflected back and visible in different manifestations, alluding to the fractured nature of human identity. Through seeing oneself and one's environment reflected back in this unusual way, questions are raised about individualism, control, choice and freedom in modern society.

Brendan Davis recently had the honor of meeting with Sir Howard Hodgkin at his London studio to discuss art making and the creative process.

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